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Kotia Deer Milk Skincare range Review

Wendy Hau tells us her skin truths and what staples exist in her skincare range.

"After having children, my pigmentation journey began ..."

Wendy Hau is a make-up artist with almost 20 years of skin expertise under her belt. During that time, Wendy has also perfected the art of great, natural looking brows, recently becoming an incredible brow artist, specialising in free-hand brow micro-blading and brow laminations.

Wendy sat down with us to discuss products, pigmentation and life-changing skin hacks. Here’s what we found out…

Wendy, a 40 year old mum explained that pigmentation has been a constant struggle of hers since having children. During pregnancy or after that post pregnancy glow wears off women can sometimes encounter skin issues like pigmentation and melasma (dark spots). This is due to the changing levels of hormones within the body. Ways that Wendy has begun to lessen the appearance of her pigmentation is by investing in good quality skincare actives.

Vitamin C - An absolute game changer when it comes to brightening skin and helping to reduce the appearance of pigmentation, spots and uneven skin tones. Vitamin C is the ideal vitamin and active to use when cleansing as your skin at its cleanest and most penetrable.

Product recommendation: Kōtia's Purifying Toner with Superox-C™ for a Vitamin C boost and fast absorption.

SPF - A prevention tip. SPF can help to lessen the effects of pigmentation by protecting the skin from harmful UV rays that can darken existing pigmentation and scarring. Wendy recommends using a form of SPF daily to prevent skin from darkening spots and pigmentation.

Product recommendation: Kōtia's Hydrating Day Cream with SPF15+

“Invest in good quality skincare and get to know what works best for your skin. As we age, we get more familiar with what our skin wants and needs really are”
- Wendy Hau

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