Deer Milk Benefits

Deer milk is scientifically proven to contain an abundance of skin-enhancing vitamins, mineral and nutrients, with antioxidants, nutrients and anti-inflammatory agents to help skin feel nourished, hydrated and rejuvenated. 

Deer milk has high levels of antioxidants
Although part of our everyday metabolic functioning, the oxidation process can release free radicals, which damage healthy skin cells. Antioxidants counteract this by neutralising free radicals, protecting against premature ageing by reducing pigmentation as well as fine lines and wrinkles.

Deer milk contains an abundance of nutrients 
Without vitamins, skin can end up looking dull or inflamed. Deer milk contains a potent blend of vitamins and minerals to help protect and plump the skin.

• Vitamin A – Accelerates healing, prevent breakouts 
• Vitamin E – Reduces UV-induced skin inflammation
• Vitamin D – Anti inflammatory, moisturising, emollient
• Calcium – Promotes a healthy glow
• Folic acid – Increases hydration, maintains a protective barrier
• Phosphorus – Promotes growth, maintenance, and repair 
• Retinol – Increases cell and collagen production, unclogs pores, and exfoliates
• Selenium - Protects, minimises damage
• Zinc –  Anti-inflammatory (helps with acne, rosacea, eczema, and ulcers).

Deer milk has more fat, protein and amino acid content than any other milk available
Deer milk is exceptionally high in protein – more than goat, cow, or camel milk – and contains high levels of amino acids. 
• Proteins –  Maintains healthy skin, repairs and replaces damaged cells  
• Amino Acids – Nourishes, hydrates and prevents wrinkles.

Deer milk is low in lactose
Lactose can be sensitive on the skin so deer milk provides a gentle and soothing alternative.

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