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Kotia Deer Milk Eye Cream

Lets discuss the Myths, Rumours and the Truth about Eye-cream.

If the title didn't give it away already, let’s talk Eye cream.

Do our eyes really need a product dedicated solely to the eye area? If so, why?

Let's discuss the Myths, Rumours and the Truth about Eye Cream.


  1. Eye cream is just my moisturiser in a small "expensive" pot or tube.
  2. The skin around the eyes is the same everywhere on the face.
  3. You don't need an eye cream if you moisturise your entire face every day.


Now that we have our myths, lets discuss rumours. Rumours, as we all know, can be a misshapen truth or just a plain lie. With this concept in mind, we discuss the ‘overrated’ notion around the purpose and use of eye cream. Many people believe that the eye region is determined entirely through genetics, and there’s nothing you can do to fight inherited dark circles, puffiness and premature fine lines. Eye cream is also believed to be another “marketing scandal” to trick consumers into buying a separate (usually, much smaller) tube/pot along with their other face serums and moisturisers.


Can you handle it? Let's uncover what we need to know about eye cream.

Firstly, eye cream was created due to the exceptionally delicate and fragile nature of the skin surrounding the under-eye area. The skin surrounding the eyes tends to prematurely age due to the lack of moisture and care. Eye creams are usually more potent than your average moisturiser, being rich in vitamins such as Vitamin A (Retinol: for anti-aging) and Vitamin C (for brightening and plumping) just to name a few. Hence, as to why they are usually packaged smaller and are a little pricier. Eye creams with Caffeine, such as Kōtia’s Brightening Eye Cream, help to instantly depuff and awaken dull eyes. We recommend applying a dot of product to both eyes... as a little goes a long way with Kōtia.


One may settle for a classic moisturiser, yet if this article has taught us anything, it’s that the under-eyes deserve a little more TLC. Using an eye cream as a preventative or for maintenance measures, will help to give your eyes the love they deserve. So, stop tossing up between eye-creams. Do yourself a favour and try our Brightening Eye Cream. We know you and your eyes will be grateful for it.

Stay Safe, stay happy and invest in an eye-cream.

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